5 ways to leverage new relationship energy with existing partners

1. Commit to a date night with your existing partner(s).

2. Have dedicated activities to do with your other partners

3. Write micro-scripts to reassure and communicate

4. Engage your friends, supports and metamours

5. Combat NRE with nostalgia

6 micro-scripts that work for me:

“I care/love/appreciate you and the amount of time/energy I am spending with someone else does not reflect how much I care/love/appreciate you”

“I am enjoying this new relationship very much, and it reminds me of the start of our relationship. Can we talk about our shared memories?”

“I am very thankful I met you and that you are in my life. My other relationships do not detract from that”

“I want to reassure you that I love/respect/care for you. Can we talk about how I can do that in a way that you will understand?”

“I feel very excited about this new relationship, and I am also excited about ours.”

“Right now I am indulging in the NRE/honeymoon period with a new person, and I am thankful that you are patient with me during this time.



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Claire Louise Travers

Claire Louise Travers

Claire Louise Travers is a writer, podcaster, and humanitarian aid worker. She writes on Medium about polyamory, ethical aid, and international development