Call Out’s in the polyamorous community: the case of Jeremie Saunders

The call out of Jeremie Saunders

Jeremie Saunders, along with his wife, are the creators and hosts of the Turn Me On Podcast — a podcast which claims to allow no holds barred conversation about what it is to be a sexual being in the world. The podcast launched the self-described “polyamorous and adventurous” couple from Kjipuktuk, Canada, into low level Insta-fame, garnering Jeremie a 5k following, a number of speaking engagements, including interviewing prominent Canadian politicians, and allowing Jeremie a platform to direct and produce a biographical film about his struggles with cystic-fibrosis. But now, in the relatively small dating pool of his hometown, an accusation of a pattern of maltreatment, coercion and abuse has emerged. A ‘call out’ has been made (CW: full account below, or found here)

Aaliyah Paris’s self-portrait. Full

Call Out Culture in Polyamory

The call out is not a new phenomenon in the polyamorous community. Last year, polyamorous writer and speaker Franklin Veaux fell into infamy when several of his long-term/nesting partners, including his co-author Eve Rickert, called him out on long-standing pattern of emotional abuse. The accusations were difficult to read, especially leveled against a “Professional Poly Person” who had been held up as an exemplar in the polyamorous community at large for years. In response to the allegations accountability pods were made, tracking documents detailing Franklin’s responses were shared, invitations to speak were rescinded, meta-analysis of the accusations by prominent academics were published; and the previously well-regarded book More than Two, has fallen off many must-read lists.



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Claire Louise Travers

Claire Louise Travers

Claire Louise Travers is a writer, podcaster, and humanitarian aid worker. She writes on Medium about polyamory, ethical aid, and international development