Polyamorous Holidays — a community of support sweeps Instagram

Instagram’s Polyamorous Community

While polyamory (or ethical non-monogamy) is not a new concept, the polyamorous community on Instagram definitely is: new and thriving. Previous online communities for the polyamorous have been geared squarely toward scooping out potential romantic and sexual partners, oftentimes using the veil of online anonymity to suss out people preferences, availability and safety. But with Instagram, comes a new face of polyamorous online engagement. Or rather, many faces.

The Polyamorous December Holiday Calendar (what is it and who’s on it…?)

The Polyamorous December Holiday Calendar was first ideated by the account @polyamory_awareness, an account with 14k followers in their own right, to set out a community advent calendar about polyamory during the holidays. After consultation over creator-chats, the original 24 were expanded to include 31 days, and to remove any specific religious affiliation the “advent” was dropped. The spirit of the calendar remains support, but also cross-promotion and collaboration for all the accounts involved.

1. @thegrowtharc
2. @nataliefinking
3. @polypages
4. @blacknkinky
5. @polyamory_awareness
6. @polypirates
7. @lavitaloca34
8. @polyinplace
9. @acolornamedlove
10. @portahfamily
11. @morethan2love
12. @polyphiliablog
13. @baesinbed
14. @p0lybat
15. @triadarg
16. @polyamorouswhileasian
17. @poly_inclusion
18. @polyamcomix
19. @real.polylife.official
20. @atwr_podcast
21. @adventuresofpolycat
22. @polyam.gal
23. @coach_emilyy
24. @teamtriadtribe
25. @gaythrouple
26. @polyamorousblackgirl
27. @die_maetzchen
28. @polyamfam
29. @kinkypolyamory
30. @marjanilane
31. @thepolyguys

Whatever your romantic persuasion or relationship dynamic, we could all use a little more love this winter. So set up an alert for the accounts above over Instagram (how to here), or follow the #HappyPolydays to join the experience. And a happy holidays to all!



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Claire Louise Travers

Claire Louise Travers

Claire Louise Travers is a writer, podcaster, and humanitarian aid worker. She writes on Medium about polyamory, ethical aid, and international development